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For over a decade, Smart Home Iran (Khane Hushmand Co.) has provided home automation solution to Iranian projects based on the KNX world standard. We proudly have some of the best projects of Tehran in our portfolio. Lots of new comer European brands found their way into the Iranian market through us; most of them where able to reach a decent market share.

We had to deal with lots of problems, the biggest being the sanctions against Iran. We managed to go through these hard times without sacrificing quality of service. Even in years when supplying projects with needed devices was a real challenge, we managed to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Besides realizing projects, contribution to the growth of smart technologies for buildings in Iran is was makes us proud. This company introduced the KNX standard (called EIB at that time) to Iran for the first time. Lots of meeting and presentations encouraged builders and decision makers to start implementing smart technologies in their projects and lots of specialized personnel were trained, many of them later became independent and are still moving on in the field of home automation.

In recent years we moved towards realizing smaller projects in size but more demanding in terms of technology and automation solutions. There are a few milestone villa projects to be introduced in the near future. The biggest change though is yet to come: We started investing in IoT solutions and new brands in this field will be introduced to the market as of 2018.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1In which fields is the company active today? Are you still dealing with KNX projects?
We are, as before, active in design and consultation of smart home projects. In this field we have new international partners who are willing to share their experience with Iranian project designers and decision makers. In terms of installation and turn key projects, we have decided to focus on "small but fine" projects! We will introduce a pair of our top projects in this fields soon..
2What are the future plans of the company?
There will be different department; one project department mentioned in previous questions and a B2B department, also a IoT startup accelerator which will be starting in 2018.
3What exactly do you mean by entering the IoT business?
There will be some products and solutions made available for both projects (B2C) and businesses (B2B). International brands and IoT solution providers will be introduced to the market. The other part is co operations with Iranian startups active in IoT specially the smart home segment.
4When do you launch the new platform?
The restructure of the company is ongoing and our new departments will launch one by one and new products and services will be available to the customers during 2018.

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