Smart House Timeline

Some of the Company's Milestones
  • 2003Starting up!

    The idea was born! Behrad Baumgärtel decided to start a home automation service provider in Tehran, Iran.
  • 2004Our Official Birthday!

    In May 2004 "Khane Houshmand" meaning "Smart House" was officially cooperated. It was the first company dedicated to home automation services in Iran.
  • 2004Iran's Flag!

    The Iranian flag was included on the KNX website (EIBA at that time) due to registration of our company as the first Iranian partner of EIB/KNX.
  • 2005Partnership with Merten

    Our company entered an exclusive partnership with Merten for Iran. Merten was 99 years old at that time!
  • 2005First Big Project

    After realization of a few small projects and villas, Nourian Tower Pjoject was our first big project with 18 apartments including 2 huge penthouses with more than 5,500 SqM surface.
  • 2006Public Showroom

    In spring 2006 we opened a showroom for the public in Mazandaran province during Iranian new year "Nowrooz" holidays to bring the idea of smart living among people and make some noise for the company.
  • 2006Light & Building Tour

    We organized a tour for Iranian architects to Light & Building fair in Frankfurt to bring them to one of World's best events for home automation.
  • 2007First Marketing Campaign

    We started a marketing campaign which lasted for several months. From ads in architectural magazines to sponsorship of Football matches and many events.
  • 2007First non Residential Project

    Start of the first commercial building project.
  • 2008Going out of Tehran

    With empowering our partner in Mashhad, we helped shaping the home automation and KNX business in other cities of Iran.
  • 2008International Fair

    Our first international trade fair participation in Tehran.
  • 2009Schneider Electric

    Launch of Merten family products under roof brand of Schneider Electric in Iran. We were chosen as 1st SE system engineer and official distributor of Merten products in Iran.
  • 2009Zwave

    Launch of first Z-Wave product in Iran as Merten's "Radio System Connect" was introduced to the market.
  • 2010BAM Group

    Start of our cooperation with BAM construction group. Many of our top projects are those of BAM group.
  • 2011New Showroom

    Our new showroom was open as the first home automation showroom inside of an ongoing luxury construction project.
  • 2011Basalte, Sonos, ProKNX

    First introduction of Basalte, Sonos and ProKNX products and software to the market.
  • 2012Schneider Electric Operation Ceased

    The hard years of sanctions against Iran. This period changed our business model. We tried to make the best of it!
  • 2013Completion of Projects

    Although import of needed devices was difficult and Schneider Electric had stopped it's services, we managed to fulfill our commitment to our ongoing projects and partners.
  • 2014Altech Electric

    Know-how transfer and business development for Altech Electric company.
  • 2014Homa Hotel Suites

    Sample suites of hotel Homa in Tehran were equipped with highest level of automation with our cooperation. Surely the most complex installation of it's kind in Iran.
  • 2015Focus on Villa Projects

    Going back to the principles of home automation: Villas with high demand of home automation became our priority
  • 2016Restructuring

    More than a decade after starting up, time for a reorientation and restructuring of the company had come!
  • 2016Internet of Things

    Most important strategic decision since KNX partnership in 2004:
    Smart Home goes IoT!
  • 2017Joining Rayan Huber Business Group

    Smart House Iran joins the Rayan Huber Business Group. A group of twelve companies in different fields active since 1982.


Starting May 2004 with first EIB / KNX certification in Iran...

Our Company Logo Evolution

From 2004 until today
Our first logo.
The Merten years: As exclusive partner for EIB/KNX product range, our logo reflected this quite well!
After Schneider Electric took over the Merten business in Iran, it was time for a purely Iranian system integrator's logo.
By only adding two little graphical elements, the logo felt more up to date: more luxurious!
Time to change the logo! Specially due to many changes that are on the way in the company: New logo coming soon...

Advertisement History

A selection of our advertisement in different magazines during the past few years.
We have printed our ads. in magazines like Meemar, Meemari Dakheli, Sakhto Saz, Charchoob, Meemario Sakhteman, etc. Many ads. were repeated in several issues and this has helped not only our company but the home automation concept in general. In many magazines our ads. were the first regarding home automation and the KNX standard.

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smart home, Iran, smart house, خانه هوشمند