The Concept of Home Automation

Smart Home: It's about comfort, security and peace of mind

This is easily said, but for many years engineers have been developing technologies to achieve these simple goals. Connectivity, Integration & Sustainability are ever since main keywords of Home Automation.

Once it was luxury to live in a smart house, it was seen in movies and only the rich could afford it. What ever stage we are in today, one thing is clear: in the near future, it belongs also to the middle class of modern cities!

We, as service providers, have to be focused on these goals, not primarily on technologies and standards: Once it was the "European Installation Bus" developed by big European companies later to be called KNX, now it's the Internet of Things that is making the big difference and global players like Google, Apple and Amazon have entered the home automation industry for good, changing the way we live in modern homes, and this is only the beginning!

Integrated Home Control on your Smartphone

It's not about a sophisticated system or adding one gadget to the already existing remote controls: Integrating all in-house technologies makes it easier to control the system as a whole, actually reducing the number of elements needed to only one control unit: your smartphone!

Maybe the most popular and most frequently used feature of Home Automation is easy control of the lights, the home entertainment systems and simple change of the "mood" of the Smart Home.

This is done comfortably by using the smartphone. One can also use on-wall Touchscreens or control panels. For this to work, dimmers, smart light switches and connected plugs have to be installed first.

The home owner can then control each light separately, in groups, or simply just by choosing the overall mood.

Using the same device or Smartphone to also control the TV and Home Entertainment system is what makes it really comfortable living in a Smart Home: This is when smart control of all in-house technologies become as easy as making a phone call!

Air Conditioning & Comfort Temperature

You don't need to go to each and every thermostat around the house back and forth to reach the desired comfort temperatures: Just set your comfort room temp using your smartphone, then sit back and let the system do the rest!

An important feature of Home Automation is smart control of the heating, cooling & air conditioner systems.

Most of the process has to take place "behind the scenes" in an automated manner. You just set your comfort temperature, then sit back and relax while your Smart Home takes care of the rest. Each room is controlled according to it's occupant's desired setting separately.

The best system is the one you don't even notice!

It's about comfort and ease of use for the home owners but also energy saving and minimizing the Smart Home's environmental footprint compared to houses without a smart control system are quite important features of Home Automation.

Fire detection, Security & Alarms

The home automation system can be much more useful when a security system that keeps an eye of the safety & security is integrated.

One of the most important features of Home Automation is taking care of the overall safety and security. It includes fire detection, theft detection, alarming in case of spread of dangerous gases or water leakage, etc.

It can be life saving that the Smart Home responds promptly to any kind of hazardous situation: The system informs it's habitats immediately. Also forwarding the alarm to responsible service providers such as security guards, the police or fire station is realized to guarantee the safety.

Integration of the security system in Home Automation has many benefits. For instance turning the lights on towards the safe exits in case of a fire or the use of a panic button at the bedside, etc.

It's all about comfort, peace of mind & ease of use. This is what makes a house turn into a Smart Home!